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Rodeo by alyse
(CSI: Crime Scene Investigation > Het - NC-17)
You know what they do to teases where I come from, Nicky? Catherine, Nick...


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Ebb and Flow by alyse
(Blue Water High - PG-13)
Bec is a surfer – if there's one thing she knows how to do, it's how to ride a wave. [Blue Water High, Bec/Garry]

Reparation by alyse
(Legend of the Seeker - G)
Dennee centric gen fic, set post Resurrection.

Happee Days by alyse
(Anthropomorfic - PG)
LOLCats fic, starring Basement Cat/Ceiling Cat Written for the 'butterfly kiss' square on my kissbingo card.

Her Saviour by alyse
(Legend of the Seeker - PG)
Written for a prompt on Legendland - Nicci, Nicci/Richard

Lace by alyse
(Legend of the Seeker - PG-13)
Written in response to a prompt on Legendland - Denna, Denna/Richard.


If definitions are required, then I am Alyse. I write therefore I am. I dabble in many genres, including slash, but that's a whole other philosophical discussion. I don't know of another group of people outside of slash writers who analyse their motivations in such detail and depth outside of therapy.

I code and therefore I offer tentative proof on the web of my real life existence. Someone archives all of those stories. I run far too many archives - including the main CI5: The New Professionals fan site, CI5 Operational Control, Always Thinking: Cath and Nick, CSI Forensics and Wraithbait - and according to those in the know am aspiring to fully fledged Evil Overlord status. Personally I think 'aspiring' is too soft an option. I have minions. Doesn't that mean I've made it? And if not, does anyone know where I can get a white cat?


Just a reminder
Alyse on 09 Apr 2008 1:59 pm ()

This is my personal webpage. If you're looking for the archives I host, they're linked below under 'webcollective'. There are rather a lot of them, so there's really no need for you to be trying to post your stories to my personal site :)

Also, since the minions have largely graduated to fully fledged evil overlords in their own right, I'm reducing the amount of involvement I have in the archives. I'll still be around, but this frees up more time for me to spend doing the things that are fun, like spending time with my child and on my own writing.

Hence the flurry of fic recently ::g::

Yes, I have a new fandom...
Alyse on 31 Jan 2007 10:01 pm ()

Well, new old fandom as I've rediscovered my love of Dark Angel. Only this time there's fic.

Whee! Shiny!
Alyse on 27 Sep 2004 7:00 pm ()

Have discovered Stargate: Atlantis. Be afraid. Be very afraid.